Unlock your vineyards' full genetic potential

Working at the genome level, our product line supplies the vines with a targeted nutrition, allowing the terroir to express itself at the maximum level. With a highly reduced environmental impact, the wines produced from grapes treated with the Tailor’d line offer a superior sensory experience that truly communicates their territorial patrimony.

A scientific approach

Beginning with nutrigenomic research in the laboratory, our products have been designed specifically for enological viticulture by viticultural agronomists. We provide winemakers with a flexible, easy to use line that offers a wide range of solutions for the various biotic and abiotic challenges in the vineyards.

From the field, through the cellar, to the table

Years of rigorous, scientific, independent trials both in the field and in the cellar have confirmed that the use of the Tailor’d Wine Design line in the vineyard results in grapes superior in both quantity and quality. These grapes produce wines with greater longevity, elegance, and expression of their terroir.